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Licensed  RTT Practitioner / Hypnotherapist / Life Coach


What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

RTT is an award winning therapy developed by Marisa Peer.
RTT enables clients to discover their subconscious limiting beliefs which are often embedded early on in life as a protective mechanism, but no longer serve a positive purpose. 
Once these old beliefs are recognised and understood they can then be replaced with new empowering beliefs, which are the foundation for transforming lives in phenomenal ways.


What is on offer?

Pearls Within offers a supported programme to ensure you get optimal results from your hypnotherapy session. 

  • The programme starts with a free 10 minute discovery call to briefly discuss the process and a chance to answer any questions which may arise.

  • On deciding to continue with the programme, full payment is due  along with a convenient scheduling of between 90 to 120 minutes for an RTT session, normally via Zoom.

  • A bespoke audio is prepared, specific and pertinent to each individual client at the end of the session. This is an important element: whereby old beliefs are replaced with new phenomenal ones: the turning point of your transition. 

  • The client needs to be able to make the commitment of listening to this 10 to 15 minute audio for a minimum of 21 days. Most clients prefer to listen to this prior to sleep, however any quiet moment in the day, when you can relax with eyes closed is perfect.

  • After the full 21 days of listening to the audio, you receive a complimentary follow up call to discuss progress and whether an additional session is required to support the process. Long standing issues, may need longer term support:  such as weight loss. One or two additional sessions can be arranged, depending on individual cases and circumstances.

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Pearls Within: The theory of the process.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”
All of us are hugely affected by our childhood experiences. As children we live in a world in which adults are our sole providers, and as such we depend on them for all our needs, care, attention and that all important factor of connection and love. We are unable to perceive or understand the bigger picture of what is happening at such a young age. Because of this we often form our own child like interpretation of the world around us, based on emotions and feelings within our bodies. 

Without the logic and understanding of why things are happening around us and the myriad of external factors that affect the adults in our lives; as children, we often conclude the problem is directly related to us. We begin to internalise that somehow we are responsible for why parents / adults may get angry, shout or even want to touch us in inappropriate ways.

These beliefs based on emotions and bodily felt sensations from childhood often last into our adult life, holding us back at a subconscious level.

Hypnosis: a natural state when our brain moves into alpha and theta wavelength, enables us to access these subconscious thought patterns.By illuminating and exploring these beliefs that were formed in our formative years, we can discover how and why they were installed into us. With this crucial knowledge, we are finally able to change the perspective and unravel the old belief (s) system.

The  critical and final stage is to re-install new liberating and empowering thoughts, enabling you to shed old patterns and negative life habits. This along with the understanding of how your child like mind employed this habit originally, is a powerful and transformational step to a new revitalised and empowered you. As you find your way back to your authentic self, that part of that has been buried and locked away as a mechanism for survival can be revitalised and begin to thrive again. 

Learn to live your true potential, live your own authentic life with understanding that the past no longer has a hold on you. Without the baggage from the past, you have the freedom to pursue your authentic dreams.


Albert Einstein

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”



How Hypnotherapy Can Help

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Improve Self Esteem and Confidence


During its cocoon stage, the butterfly orchestrates its transformation internally, not through changing external factors.


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